Sunday, August 14, 2011

Curso de Ingles Video 122 reading practice SUMMER CAMP

                            MY CAMPING TRIP

  When I was ten years old I lived in Salinas California.
 I went to Sherwood Elementary School.
 At the end of fourth grade, the teachers organized a camping trip
 to the redwood forest. I was very excited and wanted so much to go
 to the two week trip, that I pestered my mom for permission. I did get
 permission but I had to come up with the eighty dollar fee on my own.

  I worked two full weeks picking strawberries to make enough money. I ate 
 more strawberries in those two weeks than I have in my entire lifetime.

   The day before the trip, I packed everything that was on the camping gear
 list. The departure date came and I was off to summer camp. I was so excited.
 We arrived at the camp three hours later. I was awed at the size of the

   I saw things I had never seen before, banana slugs, giant redwood trees,
  crayfish at a nearby stream, I even saw a real live bear.
   We swam in the pool. We went hiking in the woods. We made bonfires
 and sang at night. I had so much fun! It was my best vacation ever!


1)  Where did the author live as a child?

2)  What did the teachers organize?

3)  How did the author get permission to go to the trip?

4)  How long did he have to work to earn enough money for the trip?

5)  What did he see that he had not seen before?

6)  What activities did he do while in camp?

7)  Do you like camping trips?

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